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e-star media comms

Welcome to E-Star Media and Communications.

We provide the full range of network services:

Network planning and design. Build and deployment of superfast fibre, coax, wireless, licensed-wireless and wi-fi internet and media delivery networks for:

Business, Tourism and Leisure, ISPs/Cable operators and Government as well as many other types of organisations small and large.

Low cost full ISP/Corporate grade routing security and networking services. Router and network design and set up. Long range large scale licensed/unlicensed wireless deployments to automated network billing systems. We also have experience dealing with RIPE and other regulatory bodies such as Ofcom. Not to mention the customers and network users we have been handling for 20 years!

We also provide a radius-based, industry standard, automated, self-service, multi service provider, usage based, automated, user sign up, subscription and top-up (pay as you go) billing platform that can be customized to link with your payment provider and network routers to enable many unique options for your customers. It puts the user in control of their account but with your peace of mind: nobody is getting a free service or running up debts you can’t recover.

e-star media comms

The worlds most advanced systems.

To complete the job we also handle commercial grade bandwidth QOS and network traffic management to be sure the user is guaranteed the best experience possible and your network is stable under any load.

We have over 20 years’ experience of planning, building and running large and small scale commercial networks both cabled and wireless.

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