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Star-charge FAQ - Using the Star-charge system:

Question - How long does it take for a user to signup and get online?

Answer - Under 1 min to signup and get online. Please watch the demo video on the right.

Question - Does the system have mobile device compatibility?

Answer - Of course! The login and signup pages auto-detect mobile browsers and set screen accordingly. Also pages have been tested on all mobile browsers and are fully standards compliant to ensure full compatibility.

Question - Does the user have to keep re-entering login details often?

Answer - As long as the users device has cookies enabled on the browser, the system will automatically keep logged in without showing the login screen for as long as the user has credit. Even when the credit runs out the browser cookie will remember the users login so it's only still 2 clicks away to buy a top up. If you have a Paypal account it's only another few clicks and the top up is purchased.

Question - Is the topup purchase instant and automatic?

Answer - Yes as long as the payment is authorised the topup is activated to the account instantly.

Question - Do users need a Paypal account?

Answer - No Paypal also have an option to just pay by credit/debit card. It's just much quicker to pay with a Paypal account as you don't have to enter your card details.

Question - My users complain that their security software says the Wi-Fi is unsecured! Can this problem be solved with the e-star Wi-Fi software?

Answer - Yes on the users account they can setup a secure wpa2 password and connect with the highest possible security available to Wi-Fi. By going to https://go.e-star.uk or when they login or signup, select the 'go secure' option and create their own unique wpa2 password and connect to secure Wi-Fi on a self service basis without any staff admin costs involved.

Being a site owner using the E-star wi-fi system:

Question - Why do I need a Star-charge management system in a public place. Can't I just use a normal router from my ISP?

Answer - There are actually many reasons why our customers use the E-star Star-charge system. The main ones are:

To protect legal liability. Under UK and most country's law the owner of the internet connection is liable for it's usage. Should a member of the public use your internet connection for illegal purposes, unless you can provide details of who is online at what times and have taken reasonable care to get users signup details and also log IP addresses and login times of users you may be held liable for any legal issues arising from use on your internet connection. The E-star system takes care of that.

To keep the connection working faster for users and stop heavy users taking all the capacity. The E-star Star-charge system manages users data in two ways. Firstly by limiting users amount of data usage as well as upload and download speed and by charging for heavy use. And secondly our routers have a fair share QOS (quality of service) mechanism which equally and dynamically divides available bandwidth for each user depending on available network capacity. Both these systems combined keep systems running well.

To make money from providing any type of internet access including Wi-Fi. Charging for internet use can earn you money as well as make the service better quality by limiting heavy users abusing free Wi-Fi. Charging for internet access means you can pay for more improved and better maintained service to your users if you are operating a commercial service. Also stopping local free loaders heavy downloaders and deterring and logging potential criminals using your internet service means a better service for your genuine users as well as protecting the owner of the internet connection from liability. If you have a busy location then many users choose to use and buy self-service Wi-Fi. You can set prices to what you like and even when good mobile broadband is available many users still buy Wi-Fi as it's cheaper and faster than using the cell phone provider data charges. Busy locations can make large revenues from providing good Wi-Fi. You can also set the free data trial to up to 99 gigs.

Question - Can I customize the look of the hotspot pages for my business?

Answer - Yes you can upload your own logo to customize the look and feel of the system.

Question - Can I just provide a free hotspot?

Answer - Yes, but in order to stay legally compliant you still need to have a user signup system to log and know who is using your wi-fi. E-star Star-charge system can provide up-to 99 gig free access upon signup but not on the free product as we would receive no commission. The free trial above 100meg is only available on our billing platform subscriptions.

Question - How am I kept updated with user signups and payments?

Answer - You will get an email when a user signs up to your network containing the email address and postal address given by the user. We will email you informing you of user topup payments and other information. On the free plan we will email a statement each month with details of topup payments and commission charged and deposit your commission to your paypal account. On subscription plan you set your own paypal account.

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