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e-star media comms

Point to point wireless:

Point to point wireless links can connect buildings networks together across the air. They can be in two categories, enterprise and carrier grade.

Generally the maximum distance for p2p wireless is around 50 miles. However E Star can connect sites in any location in the UK using commercial masts to hop across the country. Contact us today for a quote.


Enterprise class wireless is licence free and there are no running costs. The drawback of licence free is that it may require monitoring or adjustment to avoid other users on the same frequency and hence may not be quite as reliable as a licensed carrier grade solution. However many businesses choose unlicensed wireless as it can still offer very good uptime and the low cost makes it very attractive.

Carrier grade:

Carrier class wireless uses licensed frequencies which prevent interference, there is a monthly fee to Ofcom the UK regulator. Also the equipment is made to a much higher standard and as the name suggests is good enough for commercial use by telecommunications providers.

e-star media comms

Free site survey and quote for a link:

Please click below to obtain a free quote and site survey for your p2p link. Once we have the details we can recommend the best hardware for you along with the UK's lowest price guaranteed.

Free site survey

We use a wide range of different equipment as each can have its strengths and weaknesses in different scenarios. Make the most of our 20 years of experience by using this service.

Unlicensed fully configured links from £150

Licensed fully configured microwave links from £4,000

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