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e-star media comms

Free point to point wireless link survey and quote tool:

You will receive a free quote for both unlicensed and licensed links.

Also receive a free link analysis using state of the art radar mapping based software. We also provide a you with a quote for the UK's lowest price for installation and support for either unlicensed or licensed wireless links up to 1 gbps full duplex. We will beat any other quote you have*.

We also have 20 years experience so you have peace of mind.

Your information:







Quote type:*


Link type:*


Site A grid reference*


Antenna height (above ground in Metres)*


Site B grid reference*


Antenna height (above ground in Metres)*


Terms and conditions

To obtain grid reference from google maps locate exact location of antenna and then 'right click' and select 'What's here' then copy and paste (or write down) the grid reference.

Please note you may need to click on larger map to obtain grid reference.

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