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e-star media comms

Multimedia and public internet network:
We can design and plan media delivery networks for your guests/customers TV and Internet access requirements. These can be delivered using cabled or wireless (wi-fi) systems both indoors and outdoors. We can also offer pay TV networks and are specialists in satellite distribution systems and automated user billing and user access systems for internet and TV. Perfect for hotels and holiday parks wanting to earn extra revenues and be able to offer customers internet and premium channels and also satellite channels from their own countries for overseas visitors. Research shows this can greatly improve customer satisfaction and return business.

Public wi-fi:
Having wi-fi available has become essential for tourism and leisure. Due to legal requirements and to protect your business against illegal activities on your wi-fi by the public it has become essential to control and log wi-fi use by your customers in a public environment. Our wi-fi hotspot system can allow users on a self-service basis to: sign-up and create an account and get on line either free or by paying a fee (depending on your requirements). It ensures that users are logged and you know who used it when in case your connection was used for illegal activities. It also gives the option to earn revenues from offering internet access to your guests.

The worlds most advanced systems.
The worlds most advanced systems.

Our wi-fi hotspot is run by a central user database so your guests can log in to any hotspot using the same credentials. The user sign up and login screens are simple and easy to use and have been used in many different locations. They have been constantly improved and updated with over 15 years of commercial use. We have both mobile and desktop screen versions with automatic detection so both smart-phone and computer users can sign up and get on-line quickly and easily.

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