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e-star media comms

Multimedia network design and planning:
We can design and plan networks for outdoor long range cable networks, advanced large scale rural/metro wireless systems, long range licensed point to point and large scale wi-fi deployments.

Internet connectivity:
We can help you research choose and install the best internet connectivity available at your location for your purposes.

Routing and network access:
Design and setup routing and user authentication systems for ISPs small and large. We have 15 years’ experience setting up ISP routers and operating RADIUS authentication systems as well as integrating automated web based user billing and payment systems in real time ISP systems. For example, pay as you go automated user signup and payment systems that on successful payment securely offer users instant network access as well as limit their bandwidth and data usage based on the chosen plan (fully customizable to any parameters). Checking user’s payments and blocking/granting network access with self-service instant purchase and instant use data plans. Also compatible with our TV and VOIP systems.

In a multi service provider environment users can sign up select a provider and the system can automatically assign IP address from selected provider and route to the chosen provider’s gateways all automatically with no staff intervention necessary.

The worlds most advanced systems.

The worlds most advanced systems.

Quality of service:
If you think you have a bandwidth shortage or are finding network or internet access to be unstable or slow and you believe you need to buy more internet/network capacity, it’s possible that the situation can be quickly and cheaply resolved by our QOS capable routers. By effectively managing and prioritizing your network traffic correctly latency can be stabilized and performance restored. Often it’s what we call junk including illegal and p2p traffic or non latency sensitive traffic using up all the capacity slowing the critical traffic. Also giving all network users a priority or fair share within priority groups can give dramatic improvements. We have in the past made busy networks reliable with very scarce amounts of bandwidth available.

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