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e-star media comms

Cloud Hotspot billing platform

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Hotels, Guest house, B&B or Campsite

Festivals and Events

Wireless ISP's

Cable providers


Any type of public internet self service pay access.

e-star media comms

Automated internet access billing and user management system:

The star-charge system enables the most easy to use and reliable cloud hosted secure public hotspot billing and management solution available.

We provide a simple to use cloud based radius server and control panel. You can setup and provide unlimited hotspot sites for FREE.

Star-charge platform provides a more secure and easy to use hotspot solution for your customers. Star-charge allows you to automatically manage your free public internet system with vouchers or to sell users top-ups or subscriptions earning you revenue and improving network capacity. Fully customer self service, no staff administration required!

With our extra special feature of self service wpa2 secure password creation, Hotpsot providers can finally allow their users to sign-up. And by self-service to create their own unique secure wpa2 Wi-Fi password and then connect securely to the wpa2 Wi-Fi network all without any staff administration.

No longer will you have to lose customers who are nervous about using unsecured Wi-Fi on public hotspots.

Hotspot operators can also manage free Wi-Fi and get marketing advantage by collecting customers details giving greater revenue opportunities and lower staff and admin costs

Try today with your own Mikrotik hardware for free, or purchase ready to use hardware with support from us

The worlds most advanced systems.

Star-charge system:

Create a free account and try Star-charge today with no setup fees. Setup your Star-charge account settings within minutes thanks to our easy to use interface.

Compatible now with Mikrotik routers and PC hardware, coming soon Ubiquity and Open WRT compatibility

E-Star provides easy, Free and low cost monthly subscription options to use our cloud based billing system, which work with Mikrotik routers.

For large sites multiple billing controllers (NAS) can be deployed at different locations and users can log in with the same credentials seamlessly at any of your sites.

Made in the EU E star media and communications. Hotspots, Network billing, Internet and TV networks, Bandwidth management. Please contact us with any questions or for advice. GlossaryAbout UsContact Us