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e-star media comms

Using the Star-charge system is simple.

Steps 1 - 4:

1: Create free account and setup your billing parameters

2: Install our software onto your own Mikrotik router or download the ISO and install to a PC. You can also buy ready to go configured Mikrotik hardware from us right here!

3: Start earning revenue from your network users and automate your network billing

4: Provide the worlds most secure Wi-Fi and easy to use self service billing and user management platform

Buy Star-charge ready hardware:
(Ready to go! Software installed with free email support!)

wired (ethernet)
High power outdoor/indoor Wi-FI AP = £199.99 + delivery £9.99
About Us

* system requirements:

DHCP enabled router with fast internet connection
Paypal account (to receive top-up payments)

e-star media comms

Free plan:

We process your users payments and pay you the balance monthly with 25% commission

Pro plan:

You pay a monthly fee for access to our billing platform and keep all the payments

Up to 5 logins/signups per hour = £3.99 / month
(Suitable for small venue)

Up to 10 logins/signups per hour = £8.99 / month
(Suitable for medium venue)

Up to 30 logins/signups per hour = £18.99 / month
(Suitable for large venue)

Up to 50 logins/signups per hour = £34.99 / month
(Suitable for very large venue)

Up to 100 logins/signups per hour = £49.99 / month
(Suitable for very large venue)

Unlimited simultaneous users = £499.99 / month
(Suitable for any venue)

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