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e-star media comms

We can work with your existing IT department, or on our own to assist advice and/or resolve many kinds of problems and technical issues as well as assisting with new projects or purchase of IT related expenditure.

Internet connectivity:
We can help you research choose and install the best internet connectivity available at your location for your purposes.

Public wi-fi:
City and town wide municipal wi-fi systems have been installed in many towns and cities by local authorities, in many cases funded by EU or UK grants. Please check with your own local authorities for available funding. It is EU and UK Government initiative to make these kind of services more widely available. E-star wi-fi hotspot system can be built on both a small and a large scale. We have 20 years’ experience with wireless networks and have built networks covering many hundreds of square kilometres. We also handle automated billing and signup systems which allow users on a self-service basis to: sign-up and create an account and get online either free or by paying a fee (depending on your requirements). It ensures that users are logged and you know who used it when in case your connection was used for illegal activities. It also gives the option to earn revenues from offering internet access to the public.

e-star media comms

E-star can take care of all the network planning and building as well as user management and automated administration systems to handle user payment and signups. We can also offer multiple service provider and also multiple wi-fi networks within the same broadcast system so for example a private secured network can also be created for council employees or mobile workforce.

The worlds most advanced systems.

Linking remote sites and buildings:
We can link different buildings networks using long/short rage wireless links using either licenced or unlicensed technology. We can recommend the best options for your business based on cost and performance. We can also link remote sites using long range fibre and coaxial solutions and also by third party providers. Our knowledge and experience will be a valuable asset to your organisation.

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