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e-star media comms

Data network design and install:
We can design plan and build networks for outdoor/indoor long range cabled networks, outdoor/indoor advanced long range wireless systems in challenging environments.

Internet connectivity:
We can help you research choose and install the best internet connectivity available at your location for your purposes.

Network and data security:
Securing and protecting yours and your customers data is paramount. We have 20 years’ experience in this field at protecting networks and data in public environments.

Linking remote sites and buildings:
We can link different buildings networks using long/short rage wireless links using either licenced or unlicensed technology. We can recommend the best options for your business based on cost and performance. We can also link remote sites using secure tunnels over the public internet using third party internet providers.

e-star media comms
The worlds most advanced systems.

Quality of service:
If you think you have a bandwidth shortage or are finding network or internet access to be unstable or slow and you believe you need to buy more internet/network capacity, it’s possible that the situation can be quickly and cheaply resolved by our QOS capable routers. By effectively managing and prioritizing your network traffic correctly latency can be stabilized and performance restored. Often it’s what we call junk or not work related background traffic using up all the capacity slowing the critical traffic. Also giving all network users a priority or fair share can give dramatic improvements. We have in the past solved major problems on busy networks and made them stable and reliable without having to buy more capacity.

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