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e-star media comms

Welcome to E Star Media and Communications.

We provide a full range of solutions for networks.

Please use the menus at the top for further information about our products and services.

Standard Products:

e-star media comms

We offer public Internet access systems.

You can reliably and easily offer your guests/customers automatic, self service, Internet, wi-fi hotspot and/or cable internet access across multiple locations using our central cloud based, SQL, Radius, billing and CRM platform.

With one of our Hotspot controllers, NAS(network access servers) at your site you can allow automated purchase of access to Internet and/or TV services either by allowed time or data limit and/or giving your choice of data to use free and charging extra for top ups.

We also sell and install point to point (p2p) microwave wireless links to connect remote buildings and sites with lower costs than leased lines. We can offer consultancy, sell and install both license free and Ofcom licensed microwave links.

Bespoke Products:

We provide: consultancy, network planning, design, build and deployment of superfast fibre, coax, wireless, licensed-wireless and wi-fi based internet and media content delivery networks. We help business small and large, tourism and leisure, ISP/cable operators and Government as well as many other types of small and large organisations.

We can also offer custom built, customer self-service or staff operated billing systems for any type of network access. This can be used for ISP, WISP, cable networks, hotel networks, Internet and TV access as well as Wi-Fi hotspots where automated user management usage control and/or billing is required.

The worlds most advanced systems.

Made in the EU E star media and communications. Hotspots, Network billing, Internet and TV networks, Bandwidth management. Please contact us with any questions or for advice. GlossaryAbout UsContact Us